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Wyeth Ayerst - Pearl River, NY

8,000 square feet Clean Room

Immunomedics - Morris Plains, NJ

2,800 square feet, Class 10,000 Clean Room

Mount Sinai Hospital – Philadelphia, PA

Class 10,000 Clean Room
Bone Marrow processing area

Rohm & Haas Company – Springhouse, PA

Research Laboratory Facility – Miscellaneous projects
Laboratory upgrades – HVAC, Electrical, Plumbing/Gas

Mobil Research and Development Corporation - Paulsboro, NJ

Building 26 – Auto emission testing laboratory (15,000 sq. ft.)

Hoesch Celanese Corporation

Class 10,000 Clean Room

Immunomedics – Morris Plains, NJ

Class 1000 Clean Room and Laboratory (Drug)

Wyeth / Wayers - Marietta, PA

Building # 20 - 1350 square feet – HVAC System Segregation
(Prevention of cross contamination)

Sarnoff Research - Princeton, NJ

Laboratory upgrades (HVAC, gas, water, &hoods)

MTF Clean Room – Colts Neck, NJ

Class 1000

Smith Kline Beecham, Pharmaceuticals - Conshohocken, PA

Mass Spectrometer Laboratory
Necropsy Laboratory, including procedures table, exhaust design and laminar exhaust system
Laboratory natural gas / propane systems
Argon, nitrogen, carbon dioxide, DI water, compressed air and vacuum systems

Merck, Sharp & Dohme - Rahway, N J
West Point, PA

Various projects including:
NMR Laboratory
Multiple General Research Laboratories, 600 to 2,000 square feet
Air conditioning systems upgrade / replacement
Small animal facility
Laboratory replacements and upgrades
Buildings 804, 80H, 80M, 80Y, 80L, 80T
Spectrometer Laboratory

Materials Research Corporation - Various Locations

Clean Rooms - 3,000 to 8,000 square feet. Up to Bio-Level 3
Chemical Storage Area
Class 10,000 Clean Room
Powder Preparation Room

Hoffman/LaRouche, Inc. - Branchburg, NJ

Drug Production Facility - 32,000 square feet - Included General Laboratories, Clean Rooms, Bio-Level 3 Clean Rooms, DI/RO water system, nitrogen, vacuum, natural gas, compressed air, clean steam system

Wyeth Labs, Valley Forge, PA

Laboratory ventilation systems upgrades to prevent Laboratory air cross contamination

Centocor, Inc. - Great Valley, PA

Pharmaceutical Laboratories and Offices 31,000 square feet - (Research and general chemistry). Systems included extensive hood exhaust systems and controls (100% outside air) gas systems, acid waste systems

Atlantic City Medical Center, Atlantic City NJ

19,000 square foot general Chemistry Laboratory
Complete Facility gas systems including nitrogen, oxygen, and medical vacuum
DI water system

Presbyterian Hospital, Philadelphia, PA

Pathology Laboratory and Cancer research laboratories

PMRS Company, Horsham, PA

Class 10,000 room
8,000 square feet Clean Room
Drug manufacturing facility

University of Pennsylvania Hospital, Philadephia, PA

Air energy Systems
Class 10,000 room
8,000 square feet Clean Room
600 square feet


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