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Gemark Corporation - Bluefield, WV

Waste reclamation system, consisting of 6 boiler/ incinerators, 5 MW steam turbine, .8 MW back pressure steam turbine, and auxiliaries. Waste photographic/ x-ray film burned, and the resultant ash collected and processed for silver content. The waste steam produced used for turbine to provide 100% plant power, and excess sold to Utility.

Ford Industries - Lansdale, PA

10 Mega Watt interruptible power system consisting of (5) 2 Mega Watt diesel machines.

Lockheed Martin Corporation - King of Prussia, PA

Feasibility study for 15 Megawatt Cogeneration system.

ADP (Bridge Business Systems) - Mt. Laurel, NJ

7.5 Megawatt standby generator system.

NRG - Morris Plant - Morris, IL

5,000 ton chiller plant for turbine inlet cooling.

NRG - Newark, NJ

2,500 ton chiller plant for turbine inlet cooling.

Williams - Red Oak Plant - Sayreville, NJ

15,000 ton chiller plant for turbine inlet cooling (Trane Company "Innovative System Design Award")

Doylestown Hospital - Doylestown, PA

2.2 Megawatt Cogeneration System.

Bellevue Hotel - Philadelphia, PA

Mechanical, electrical and plumbing design and construction management of a cogeneration system consisting of a 1500 kW generator, 25,000 lb./hr. high pressure boiler system, 500 ton absorption chiller, 1850 ton chilled water system, and a 600 ton free-cooling system.

Trenton Cogeneration Facility - Trenton, NJ

13-megawatt cogeneration facility with high temperature hot water district heating system.

Philadelphian Hotel - Philadelphia, PA

Mechanical, electrical and plumbing design and construction management of a cogeneration system consisting of a 2200 horse powered dual-fuel engine with a 1500 kW generator, a 250 ton absorption chiller, 1,500 ton chilled water piping system, and a 2,500 lb./hr. low pressure boiler system.

General Electric Corporation - East Windsor, NJ

Mechanical, electrical and plumbing design of a 1,250 ton chilled water system, 250 ton free cooling system, and a process pumping system.

Rohm & Haas Company - Springhouse, PA

Laboratory related facilities. Multiple renovation projects which include laboratory ventilation systems, ground water removal/filtration systems, and 33 kV distribution systems.

Uniform Tubes, Inc. - Collegeville, PA

Multiple projects, which include process cooling, acid waste, 33 kV. Distribution systems, as well as environmental air systems.

Dupont Corporation - New Jersey Plant - Parlin, NJ

Outdoor 13.8 kV Distribution System. Included substations, switchgear, transformers, switchgear building.

Yates Industries - Bordentown, NJ

Design of high-pressure steam plant and distribution.

RCA Distribution Warehouse - Deptford, NJ

New teo pipe HVAC system including boiler plant and chillers.


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